Tuesday, 24 April, 4.00-5 pm: Khalid Mourigh

Non-integrated borrowings in Ghomara Berber

Venue: Lipsius, 308

In the literature borrowing usually means the integration of elements of one language (Source Language) into another language (Recipient Language). In many languages lexical borrowings are integrated in the native grammar. Therefore research has tended to focus on the study of ‘integrated’ borrowings. However, a number of languages show very interesting cases of non-integrated lexical borrowings. Berber languages, which have been in close contact with Arabic variaties, especially provide interesting examples. Ghomara Berber seems to be one of the most extreme cases in terms of the extent of non-integrated lexical borrowings, which are found in basically all inflectional categories. Furthermore, this has resulted in structural borrowing as well. In this talk, I will discuss the impact of this type of borrowing on the native morphology.