Tuesday 20 December, 4-5 pm: Hamine Wane

Verbal morphology in Noon

Venue: Lipsius, 235b

Noon belongs to the Cangin group, an Atlantic language. It is spoken in Thiès, west of Senegal. The Noon language is divided into three main dialects: cangin, padee, saawii. The Noon verb is formed by the CVC pattern and has a great range of affixes which are conjugation, derivation and object. Conjugation marking is obligatory in the verb except for the simple present (unmarked) in the affirmative form which consists of a single bound verb root such as ñam- ‘eat’. The derivational suffixes are quite numerous, such as the transitive –í’, as in ñam-ír ‘feed’, -oh which is pluractional, in ñam-oh (intransitive) etc. All derivation markers are suffixal and many suffixes have a fixed position, whereas a few are mobile..