Tuesday, 22 November, 16.00-17 pm: Elizabeth Koier

How do speakers decide on an interpretation? The case of the Dutch poly-interpretable particle ergens

Venue: Lipsius, 235b

Dear fellow PhD-students,

Apart from your critical questions in reaction to my presentation at the PhD discussion group, I also need help of those of you who are native speakers of Dutch.
I have developed a survey to find out how speakers interpret ergens and I need to know whether the questions I ask are understandable and do-able and whether you think the survey is developed in a correct way. If you would be so kind to be willing to fill in the survey on the web, please send me an email (e.koier@hum.leidenuniv.nl) and I will send you the link. One of the things I would like to discuss with you in the discussion seminar is whether you think this setup will work, so it would be great if you have already filled it in beforehand.

Thanks a lot!