Anne-Christie Hellenthal, on fieldwork on Sheko

In my presentation I will discuss some morphemes from Sheko, an Omotic language spoken in Ethiopia. The morphemes I will focus on are -ke and -me, which occur sentence finally. I analyse them as declarative markers, but their semantics include more than just mood.

(1)      bern             foto    n-k¡¦ay-s-a-me.

         tomorrow     photo   1sg-stand.up-caus-fut-[me]

¡¥I will take pictures tomorrow.¡¦

(2)     aakʼasta        yira    a-baʒ-u-ki-#?         dabdabe        a-tsʼaf-ki-ke.

now             what       3sm-do-u-be-q     letter             3sm-write-be-[ke]

¡¥What is he doing right now? He is writing letters.¡¦

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